Our Commitment

The BLEND range has been developed and produced in the UK using the finest blends of 100% pure essential oils chosen for their therapeutic benefits and amazing aromas. To achieve the maximum therapeutic effect, we ensure each product contains optimum levels of essential oils.

BLEND Collective Limited are committed to set a new standard of integrity and excellence with our own ‘truly natural’ label. With so many brands falsely claiming to be natural and organic, we feel it is important to be totally transparent about the ingredients we use.

All our products are at least 99% natural, contain organic ingredients where possible and are free from the following potentially harmful chemical ingredients:

  • Free from Sulphates
  • Free from Parabens
  • Free from Synthetic Fragrances
  • Free from Artificial Colouring
  • Free from Glycols
  • Free from TEA – Triethanolamine
  • Free from DEA – Diethanolomine
  • Free from Silicons
  • Free from PEGS – Polyethylene glycol

In order to protect the environment, all BLEND collective product containers are recyclable and only FSC certified paper is used for all packaging and print materials, which means it comes from renewable forests and is produced in environmentally friendly factories.